Choose The Vet Practice for Your University Placement

As a vet student, you have the opportunity to complete your clinical placement here at The Vet Practice. Our goal is to have you experience the interesting variety of cases we manage here at our hospital with the aid of advanced diagnostic and treatment methods. Perhaps you’ll even discover an area of interest you had not previously considered!

What You Can Expect

Our general practice offers plenty of opportunities for you to explore modern veterinary medicine and technology. The Vet Practice uses cutting-edge equipment and is staffed with talented, passionate individuals who love to learn. You’ll find our team exceptionally supportive and welcoming, and our facilities comfortable.

Visit our practice website to learn more about us, and if you’re interested in completing your clinical placement at The Vet Practice, fill out our enquiry form below.

Dog Getting Laser Treatment

Definitely consider applying here when I graduate. Great team of knowledgeable people.

Vet Placement Student

Enquire About Clinical Placement Opportunities

If you'd like to apply for one of our limited clinical placement openings or need more information, please complete the enquiry form below and our HR team will be in touch!