Kickstart Your Career with Our Immersive New Grad Program

Did you just graduate from vet school? Are you eager to immerse yourself in the challenging, fast-paced world of veterinary medicine? The Vet Practice is proud to offer a 12-month New Graduate Program to help new hires transition from the academic setting to the real-world clinical setting.

You’ll obtain vital, practical skills in general medicine, learn all about the inner workings of a veterinary practice, and handle patient consults on your own with support from our team.

The Vet Practice has a great support network for new graduates. The team of vets we have working with us means we can go to literally any vet to ask for their opinion on a case and get help straight away. We are never in the dark with cases and there is no sole charge, ensuring we are supported as we’re learning.

Greg, Recent Grad

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What to Expect from the New Grad Program

Every new graduate will experience our program at a slightly different pace, but there are several key things to expect.

First, you will get to meet all the members of our team and learn about everyone’s role at the practice.

We will walk you through all the practical and technical aspects of The Vet Practice, including the medications and vaccinations we offer, our computer system, our hospital and safety protocols, and more. In essence, you will learn about how everything works, and how we do things at our practice.

In addition to learning about our processes and protocols, our team will show you how to perform basic medical tasks. This includes taking blood samples and running blood tests, taking X-rays, and generally getting familiar with using our machines and equipment.

Before you begin interacting with clients, we’ll have you shadow our vets so you can see how they handle consults from start to finish and converse with clients. Take away as much as you can from these experiences, and be sure to ask lots of questions!

In the first 2 weeks of the program, our goal is to have you in front of our clients, learning how to have conversations with them and addressing any issues they have. We want you to meet our clients and patients and start developing a relationship with them. If you need help with a consult or find that a case is too challenging for you, reach out to one of our experienced vets and they’ll be happy to help.

While we want you to gain as much independent experience as possible when doing consults, our team is always here to support you. Dr Weldon will be on hand to check in with you and answer any questions you have, while standing back and allowing you to get a feel for things and develop your own process.

If you’re a new graduate looking to get started in the veterinary field, see our job openings and apply today!

This clinic is a good place for people who are wanting to develop clinical skills and a broad range of diagnostics and how best to use them - this will be an ideal clinic for someone looking for that.

Raj, Recent Grad