A Culture Focused on You

The Vet Practice is built to bring out the best in everyone; to help you find your passion and practice veterinary medicine in ways that bring you joy and satisfaction.

Setting You Up for Success

Our leadership team has created systems and processes that help everyone recognise their own value and feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone. We provide a New Grad Program to help new hires find their footing and develop their own style of practice. We run daily Q&A roundtable discussions to share knowledge and solve problems together. We put our full support into helping employees find their area of interest and pursue it. At The Vet Practice, you have a say in how your career, and our hospital, evolves.

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The culture at The Vet Practice is one that’s based on collaboration. We learn from each others successes and mistakes and encourage conversations that are going to make us better as professionals and as a team.

Lisa, Practice Principal

Giving You the Support You Deserve

It’s important to us to try and avert compassion fatigue and burnout before it manifests. That’s why we have a robust team of senior vets and support systems at every level to help you do your best, and end each shift feeling satisfied with a job well done.

Here are some of the support systems we have in place to do just that:

  • Q&A daily roundtables to support optimal case outcomes

  • "Discovery year" through our New Grad Program

  • Dedicated staff to handle difficult client conversations

  • A high nurse-to-vet ratio

  • 2 vets per case to support consistency and communication

  • A strong bridge between HR and ownership to give you a voice

My favorite part of my job is I get to do nursing which I love but I also love being able to train the new nurses. It’s awesome to see new nurses learning and lighting up when they do something successfully for the first time. It’s a really rewarding part of my job.

Ellie-Mae, Hospital Manager and Training Coordinator

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What’s it Like to Work at The Vet Practice?

Veterinary medicine is not for the faint of heart; it’s a job for those who are passionate, determined, and dedicated. To work at The Vet Practice, you have to truly love what you do, to care deeply for your teammates, patients, and clients, and rise to the occasion in challenging situations. Everyone has their individual responsibilities, but we encourage collaboration and collective problem solving to support one another.

The Vet Practice provides both general medicine and advanced services, including canine rehabilitation. With the many services we offer and the wide range of medical cases we handle, your typical day at our hospital will be a bustling one. It’s a fast-paced environment where you get to wear many hats, deal with unpredictable medical cases, and discover what you truly love about our noble profession.

As a team member at The Vet Practice, you have a voice in determining where we’re going as a practice and how we operate day to day. Ownership listens to your feedback and will adjust the company to support our staff better.

Bek, HR Manager

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We Work Hard, But We Play Hard, Too!

At The Vet Practice, we’re committed to helping one another grow and flourish. But we know that all the hard work we do would not be possible without some well-earned time to unwind.

We love having fun outside of the practice, kicking back, relaxing, and bonding with our fellow team members. Knowing one another not just as coworkers, but as people, brings us closer together and empowers us to be our best in all areas of life.

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