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One of the foundational skills you’ll need to master as a New Grad is the art of conducting a high value consultation. We get that you’re excited to treat sick animals and get involved in interesting cases straight away. HOWEVER – know this.

Almost every animal that arrives in your hospital needing treatment or surgery – comes in via a consultation. This means you’ll need to learn the art of having confident conversations with clients.

For instance, that interesting surgery you’re assisting with right now or that sick patient that’s being worked up most likely came into the practice via a consultation. This means some vet in your practice discussed that patient’s treatment options with the client and built enough trust with them to get consent to proceed with the recommendations.

This is how gratifying work comes through the doors and keeps the hospital team (and you) busy and lovin’ their job.

In every business there’s generally ONE or more main “products” that drive most of the work. In vet Med it’s the consults.Click To Tweet

This is the space in which trusting relationships between clients and vets are made or broken. And without trust it’s very unlikely that the client will follow your advice and recommendations. In fact they’re more likely to go and get a second opinion elsewhere because they just weren’t sold on your approach or advice.

From the start you’ll be learning some of the important strategies that help drive conversions from consults into patient treatments which not only benefit the animals and their owners but your team as well.

Will you successfully have all clients take up your recommendations? No. Will you make mistakes. Hec Yes. Just like any skill, it takes repetition and time. To assist your learning we recommend sitting in on some of the more experienced vet’s consults to observe and listen to how they engage with their clients.

👨‍🎓👩‍🎓As a new grad you will be exposed to primary consults fairly soon into your employment

With us that generally starts with straightforward ones such as Vaccinations and general health checks then leading on to more complex consults as your confidence develops.

Although Vaccination protocols can vary between clinics, they are usually easy to learn so that your time in the consult room can be spent on meeting your new community of pet owners and building relationships in a relaxed and non emotionally charged environment.

In addition you’ll have plenty of time to write up all those important Medical records which include the patient history, findings, recommendations for future care and consult summary notes to email to the client for their records.

Over the years we have seen new grads quickly establish great relationships with clients simply due to starting with these basic consults. 

And there’s no greater testament to having done a great job than having those same clients asking for you when they call up for the next appointment.

🦉Career Tip

Love educating pet owners and providing modern treatment options for their pets?

Surgery or diagnostics not your thing?

Consider becoming a highly skilled consulting vet. Not only is this role one of the most highly valued positions in a practice, it can also be one of the most flexible. Consulting shifts are always pre-booked with set start and finish times. Which means you get to leave on time pretty much all the time. 

Interested in a consulting position with us? Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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