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Working as Concierge at The Vet Practice

Do you know of any other vet clinic that has a concierge?! Likely not, it’s more of a job role you would hear about in a hotel lobby rather than a vet clinic which is why it makes it SO unique and special!

The main focus of my days is following up on all different types of enquiries, booking in advanced procedures and educating our clients on what happens on a day-to-day basis while their pet is in our care. This is especially important as we want our clients to gain our trust while looking after their beloved pets.

Before I worked in a vet clinic, I remember how stressed I was dropping my dog off to be desexed. The unknown of what happens “out the back” of a clinic and not knowing the process of what happens is an awful feeling. That exact feeling of stress and worry is actually what got me to where I am today.

In 2013 I became a mum to a beautiful German shepherd named Shadow. She was my partner’s and my first “child”. I was obsessed and very over the top about her. At the time I was working in pharmacy, so I had no idea about anything vet related. I still remember going to her first appointment and hearing about OTC products, desexing, training and being so overwhelmed with information. Then her spey procedure day happened and I was one of those clients who cries on the admission – yep, I was (probably still am) THAT person.

That whole process of not knowing what was happening although it worried me, it actually inspired me to want to find out that information. Things such as, why are animals admitted but you don’t hear anything until later? What is she doing there? Did anyone explain to me if she had bloods? Was she on IVFT?!  It was then when I started looking into nursing and pursued a new career path as a trainee vet nurse which has led me now to the role in Concierge.

A huge part of my role is communication and educating clients. I know the feeling of being on the other side, so I love discussing how our days run and what happens “behind the scenes” to try and put our clients’ minds at ease.Click To Tweet

I also book in all of our new client 2nd opinion consultations, help guide reception with medication requests and booking in recheck appointments when we are fully booked, I deal with client disputes or complaints and discuss and book in our more advanced procedures (such as orthopaedic surgeries, stem cell and PRP, hyperbaric treatments, MRI, CT, etc).

Booking in the advanced procedures isn’t as simple as just picking a day as you need to make sure the right vet can do the procedure, the right amount of time is allocated and if the right equipment is available, which is why these types of bookings come to me and not reception.

On top of my normal duties, I make a lot of phone calls on behalf of our vets to make sure the most up to date information is passed onto clients for their pets. This information could be about helping them book a referral, passing on pathology results or even as simple as just checking on the patient for that day. So overall, I am the middle man between the vets and our clients.

Along with all of the above duties I am the person who many may come in on shift when an issue strikes. I try to be as approachable as possible to the team and try to help out as much as I can to make sure everyone can get their job done.

Although my days are different every single day, my goal is always the same and that is to make sure that as a whole team we all work together to give our patients a high level of patient care and our clients are high level of communication.

No matter what role you do at TVP, everyone’s job is just as important as the others to make that goal work well.

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