5 Interesting Roles to consider in Vet Practice

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Hey Vet Nurses – Love Vet Med but want to move into a different role?

It’s always sad to hear of people leaving Vet Nursing to take on different roles just because they no longer can or want to be in a “hands on” or “on the floor” role.

🤔But before you consider throwing in the towel and changing industry altogether, consider a sideways and upwards role in some of the other important areas that Vet Practices really need. Especially now!

Veterinary practices are businesses just like any other. This means there are specific functions that need to be performed in order for the operation to run smoothly, attract and keep clients and manage the health and wellbeing of the team.

So before you jump ship – Here’s 5 interesting roles you might want to consider. All of these benefit highly from your valuable vet nursing experience. 👇

1: Customer Relations Manager

In our practice we call this person our “Concierge” which is kind of like a person who takes care of all incoming and outgoing client enquiries and assists the reception team in making appointments for advanced procedures.

They also assist in communicating fees and estimations and are there to address any client concerns or feedback.

This role can – at a pinch – be done partially from home although being on site always works best.

Some of the Skills required:

  • Great verbal and written communication skills of course. You’ll be responsible for crafting professional emails and texts and speaking to clients pretty much most of the time.
  • Have a good handle on modern communication tools such as video conferencing and other digital communication methods
  • Good time management skills – because you can get swamped handling memos from vets, responding to emails and conversing with clients
  • Empathy and compassion – you’ll often find yourself dealing with clients in emotionally charged situations
  • Solid knowledge of medical and surgical treatments and processes to guide clients through patient care plans

2: Marketing and content creator

Who doesn’t love taking pictures and creating stories about the interesting cases and success stories that you get to be part of every day in a clinic. Getting those stories out to pet owners is such an important part of educating clients while at the same time promoting your clinic.

While this would not likely become a full time role, you could for instance add managing your clinic’s social networks, creating educational handouts and sending out regular newsletters and reminders to your clients to your skillset.

On the other hand you could supplement your hours by doing some nursing shifts and have the best of both worlds.

3: Administration

This is a role that has many moving parts. Some aspects could include:

  • Inventory and supplies management
  • Billing management – assisting vets with fee estimations and billing so they can focus on doing what they do best
  • Financial and KPI  Management 
  • Policy and Procedure development

Any of these roles can be combined to create full or part time roles

4: Training Manager

Not quite ready to leave the floor yet but want a more senior role? Why not become your clinic’s own in house training and development manager. If you love your job and enjoy teaching others, this could be the perfect role for you.

Before you start we suggest you enrol in one of the many available Training courses to help you design the best learning experiences for your team.

5: Human Resources and Operations Manager

And finally, why not consider a career path in Human Resource Management. This highly challenging but rewarding role is so essential to ensure your team has the best support possible to show up at their best each day. 

👉See what our own HR Manager Bek has to say about her journey from client to HR Manager

👉Check out our Job Openings to see if we’re looking to hire one of these amazing nurses right now.


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