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How To Ace Your Vet Nursing Placement

How to Ace Your Vet Nursing Placement

If you’ve landed a placement position at a clinic near you, then congratulations! This is your first step into the industry, and you’re well on your way to becoming a qualified and experienced veterinary nurse. So how do you get the most out of your vet nursing placement experience and ensure you ace it? 👩‍🏫Tip…

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New Grad Vet Support

What Does Veterinary Support Look Like to You?

Having interviewed and employed dozens of new grads over the years, the one burning question that everyone asks is “What support do you provide?” This is such a hard question to answer, not because we don’t provide amazing support for all our team but because everyone has different expectations of what support means to them.…

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Vet Nurse Careers

What is a Concierge Role in Vet Med?

Working as Concierge at The Vet Practice Do you know of any other vet clinic that has a concierge?! Likely not, it’s more of a job role you would hear about in a hotel lobby rather than a vet clinic which is why it makes it SO unique and special! The main focus of my…

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Vet Nurse Careers

5 Interesting Roles to consider in Vet Practice

Hey Vet Nurses – Love Vet Med but want to move into a different role? It’s always sad to hear of people leaving Vet Nursing to take on different roles just because they no longer can or want to be in a “hands on” or “on the floor” role. 🤔But before you consider throwing in…

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Veterinary Consulting Jobs

Why Consulting Skills are so important in Vet Med

One of the foundational skills you’ll need to master as a New Grad is the art of conducting a high value consultation. We get that you’re excited to treat sick animals and get involved in interesting cases straight away. HOWEVER – know this. Almost every animal that arrives in your hospital needing treatment or surgery…

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Bek Staff With Dog

Being an HR Manager in the Vet Industry

If you’ve ever worked with a Human Resources Representative, or have thought about what a HR Manager does, you probably have this idea in your head that they are big and scary and only need to talk to you when there is an issue with your performance, or you’re being fired. And that’s truly what…

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Beck Portrait

MY Story: From Veterinary Client TO Veterinary HR Manager

In January of 2021, I attended my local vet clinic with my 8-week-old puppy for his first vaccination. I sat in the waiting room eagerly waiting to be seen, as I had booked a chiropractor appointment 30 minutes later. The vet was running late, and when it was time to be seen, due to Covid…

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